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How skin care products affects our skin

So many products, so many choices.....what's a girl to do? Choosing the right skin care regiment for our skin type is a challenge within itself; however, I want to offer a tidbit of information that'll help you make a more informed decision about the beauty products you choose. The internet is swarming with scary statistics about how our bodies absorb topically applied chemicals/synthetics at an alarming rate & how it absorbs everything we apply to it each day.

Such statements can be a bit exaggerated when it comes to skin absorption or penetration...first let's look at the difference. The skin has 3 layers: epidermis, dermis & hypodermis. Skin penetration happens when substances topically applied is between the outermost layer (epidermis) and the deeper subcutaneous layer (hypodermis). At this point, the body has not yet absorbed the substances. Skin absorption occurs when substances topically applied breaks the skin barrier (all 3 layers) & enters the bloodstream.

PLEASE don't think I'm minimizing the importance of choosing more natural skin care products over the ones that contain harsh chemicals & synthetics! I just don't want to use terrorism as your motivation for selecting your skin care products! Choose skin care products that are formulated to:

* penetrate the skin without using chemicals that are "penetration enhancers"

*provide antioxidants & other nourishing ingredients to your skin

With that being said, choose wisely & go natural!

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