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Sometimes it seems like matte lipstick has a mind of its own as it wonders off and takes up residence in those fine lines or hides out in random cracks and crevices on our lips. When talking matte lipstick, that generally means there’s less oil than the satin-finish or shiny lipsticks. This enables the pigment to remain rich and opaque. But while it may make the color pop, it often leaves the lips a little drier. This moisturizing & hydrating lip prep & primer helps to create a cleaner, smoother canvas so that your lipstick can glide on nice and smooth. It is a key player in preventing cracking & it packs a powerful, "minty" punch against dry, chapped lips. Loaded with natural goodness, this lip primer heals & refreshes as it moisturizes.

This product contains tree nuts (shea).

Lip Prep & Primer

  • Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax & peppermint essential oil.

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