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Pamper yourself with our new after spa bath soak. It is formulated to aid in the elimination of toxins in the body. Massages are relaxing & quite divine; however, they trigger the natural healing process of the body. During a massage, the body gets into a self-cleaning mode & begins to try to flush out the toxins. This is mainly because of an increase in blood circulation. The discomfort that one feels post massage is actually the body working to dissolve toxins stored in it.  A way of speeding up the toxin release is to bathe in a detoxing bath. This will not only soothe the body but also relieve the symptoms of detoxification.


Size: 8 oz

After Spa Detox

  • Dead sea salt, epsom salt, black Hawaiian lava salt, spearmint leaves, moringa, bentonite clay, mustard seed, silk & essential oil blend.

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